The Spring In My Step

As judged by the grave lack of blog posts over the past month, it’s pretty clear that both Molly and I have been going through a bit of a rough patch. For me, the pollen count alone (it’s been in the ‘Extremely High’ category for over a week now – enough is enough!) is reason enough to do nothing besides watch TV, eat and lounge around.

Thankfully, my motivation to shop is still ever present and I’ve picked up some great new pieces to keep my spirits somewhat lifted. Although I do prefer hot weather, I find it difficult to keep my personal style intact without heavy layers and dark colours, so Spring has always been a bit difficult (I give up on fashion completely during the Summer so only Spring is relevant here). These few bits and pieces have really kept my Spring wardrobe alive, and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Drawstring Shorts

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 8.07.44 PMAs much as it kills me, my school does in fact have a dress code which I do in fact have to follow – somewhat. I’m certainly not the type of person to wear dresses everyday, and denim bermuda shorts and entirely out of the question so I’ve pretty much resorted to wearing this type of loose, drawstring short. They’re comfortable, cute, seemingly school appropriate and pretty widely available, so it’s easy to find a cut, colour, or pattern that suits you. These two pairs (both of which I own) are from Zara.

Cute Practicality 

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 8.16.11 PMBefore this god awful pollen, we had a pretty heavy rain spell so I was desperate for a more practical jacket. I do have a proper raincoat, but there’s only so many days I can wear waterproof material and still feel cute. I opted to buy this gorgeous parka/anorak/light jacket thing from Aritzia, and I’m in love. It’s super light and I bought it really oversized so I’ll be able to wear it alone in the Summer or layered up in the Autumn and Winter.

Caudalie Beauty Elixer

url-1I’m far too cheap to buy the large, $48 bottle, but this stuff is really a god send. Like I’m sure I’ve mentioned a bajillion times, my allergies leave me feeling disgusting throughout most of the Spring and this stuff is an instant perk. It smells amazing – hard to describe but definitely minty and fresh – and keeps my skin looking dewy and fresh. I like to spray it on either right after I get after the shower or after I’ve done my makeup to set everything (it works similarly to Mac’s Fix + and really helps my makeup to soak into my skin!).

Sorry for a pretty redundant post, but there really hasn’t been much keeping me inspired these days. Maybe once school settles down and Summertime rolls on in things will get a bit better.

Also – Molly and I had our Prom this past weekend! It was dumb as crap and we hated every second (we were each others dates because we hate every boy in our school) but we looked pretty damn cute if I do say so myself. Here’s a pic with our friend Blake – far left, I’m in the middle, Molly on the right.

559904_10201049532383414_1603113034_nEnjoy! Xx, Syd