Summer Lovin’

As much as I love Summer fashion, I’m also a lazy asshole, and I often don’t see the point in wearing anything besides a tank top and cutoffs if all I’m doing is lounging at home or at the pool. That being said, the few times that I do make an effort, my Summer style is far more bohemian and relaxed than usual. My colour palette switches from black, grey, white and burgundy to bold shades of cobalt, coral, neon yellows and hot pinks, and my usually structured pieces are replaced by flowing dresses and blouses that look beautiful draped over a tan collarbone.

Unfortunately, I won’t be spending any time at a beach this Summer, but I will be spending a week in Paris with Molly, which will be the perfect opportunity to channel my inner Isabel Marant (by the way – Forever 21 has a ton of Marant-esque pieces at the moment, so definitely check that out).

A favourite of mine so far this Summer has definitely been this gorgeous paisley dress from H&M. I love a good drop waist, and the light satin fabric makes it excellent for throwing on at the pool or for wearing out for a nice dinner.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 8.03.04 PM


MINKPINK is also a great place to find great, boho dresses. I love this one

in particular – not only is the colour palette gorgeous, but the cutout detail makes it extra special.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 8.09.08 PMAnd finally, the crème de la crème, Isabel Marant. If only I had a thousand dollars to spend, this skirt and top look would be mine.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 8.13.25 PMHave a great Summer everyone!

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 7.57.25 PMxo, Syd




For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted tattoos. There’s something so sexy and badass about having a bit of black ink peeking out from under a bra strap or at the hem of a dress. The only issue is that my personal aesthetic is constantly changing, and although it’s stabilized quite a bit this year, I’m still unsure if anything idea I have is something I’ll enjoy for the rest of my life.

Thankfully, I’ve already got my shop and artist picked out. There’s technically no legal age limit for tattoos in Canada – although good shops usually don’t work on kids under 18 – so I knew I’d probably get it while I was visiting my hometown of Vancouver, BC. After doing a bit of research, the coolest looking was easily Gastown Tattoo in – believe it or not – Gastown. Although all of the artists had amazing galleries, my favourite was definitely Arlin ffrench as his pieces have the most incredible, modern, artistic look about them. I’m still not sure if I’d want to commit myself to something as large as his specialized pieces, but here’s a collections of tattoos and designs I find beautiful and inspiring.

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