New Classics

After years of bitching and whining about being stuck in high school, I’ll finally be headed off to the University of British Columbia this fall. I’m a generally decisive person, so I’m already super set on an art history major (with a commerce minor + grad school planned for job security).

Although this is guaranteed to change, at this point I think I’d love to focus on either Greek and Italian marble sculpture, or international art culture after World War II. Worlds apart, I know, but they’re both areas that I find interesting and more importantly, inspiring to modern day aesthetics.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.19.51 PM

x Syd


Gutai at the Guggenheim

Our art class recently went on an art trip to New York City for a few days. The trip was filled with a plethora of museum visits-my favorite of the week at the Guggenheim showcased the works of the Japanese art collective-The Gutai Group. Out of all the art exhibits I have attended, I felt that the work of the Gutai Group held the most relevance to my own personal work. The idea of rejecting overt content, and looking to the physical matter embodying a piece to form content rather than a pre conceived concept. The Gutai Group’s work concentrates heavily on reacting to the artistic context of the time-of post war. An excerpt from the Gutai’s manifesto that encompasses the relativity to my own work:

“Yet what is interesting in this respect is the novel beauty to be found in works of art and architecture of the past which have changed their appearance due to the damage of time or destruction by disasters in the course of the centuries. This is described as the beauty of decay, but is it not perhaps that beauty which material assumes when it is freed from artificial make-up and reveals its original characteristics? The fact that the ruins receive us warmly and kindly after all, and that they attract us with their cracks and flaking surfaces, could this not really be a sign of the material taking revenge, having recaptured its original life?….”

And for some of my favorites

Oil on canvas- Jiro Yoshihara




xx Molly

My Few Sanities

e710701e672603a8a01256d42d74a3b0An ode to the ever present Spring Slump. Is it just me or is there a pretty tangible vibe of ‘no effort’ and ‘no motivation’ hanging in the air. Maybe it’s the pollen… Here’s a list of a few things that have kept me going the past couple weeks:

1. This J Crew Coat

jcrew.sherpa.puffer.jacket.99.99I own it in black, but I adore this cobalt colour as well. This time last year might as well have been Summer, but this year, Winter won’t GTFO. This lovely puffer is almost solely responsible for keeping me warm and sane this past few freezing days.

2. These Lululemon Leggings

url-1I’m not really one for ‘real’ clothes, so you’ll probably find me wearing these leggings at least 4 days out of the week. Transparency issues aside, Lululemon is a great brand, and their pants are both comfortable and super flattering.

3. Vice Documentaries

Sarcasm aside, I love learning. Primarily, I love learning about the seedy underbelly of the world that most mainstream media is afraid to touch. Vice isn’t, and their documentaries and short videos are well made, entertaining, and unusual. Check ’em out here. 

4. Coffee

37363890702As said by Molly, “I love coffee. But not just the coffee, but the experience of drinking coffee as a whole. Whether at a cafe or in my kitchen at home, coffee is a way to socialize, a way of conversation, a way to sit down and think”. Not much more I can say besides that, but coffee is quite literally my fuel during busy, stressful, cold, bleak, awful times. Or anytime, for that matter.

I genuinely hope your Spring is nicer than mine thus far!

xo, Syd