Architecture is such an interesting field to me. I definitely consider it an art form – albeit an extremely mathematical one – but it’s the practicality aspect that really intrigues me. It’s the art form that can’t be opted out of; we’re constantly and unavoidably bombarded by architecture, so I really admire people who take advantage of that to communicate some sort of aesthetic message.

One architect I really resonate with aesthetically is Luis Barragan. His use of completely reduced form and saturated colour have such a uniquely ethereal effect, like an grown-up playhouse of sorts. I tend to find super-minimal architecture very cold and uninviting, but the subtle Mexican influence maintains such a warmth that really differentiates Barragan’s style.

It’s hard not to respect the immensity that is Ricardo Bofill‘s work, but I definitely think that his best work was his own house and studio space. The converted cement factory is unique not only in its immaculate interior design and dystopian-brutalist leanings, but in it’s redefinition of the home. Bofill defies the traditional ‘rules’ of residential architecture by incorporating numerous independent spaces in a very disjointed way – a labyrinth, as he calls it. He also doesn’t shy away from grandiosity, but embraces it in the most understated way, with the incredibly high ceilings, abundance of landscaping, and high contrast between natural light and darkness.

Lastly – just wanted to give a quick shoutout to James Turell, who definitely leans more artist than architect, but is also using space in such a cool way. I’ve yet to catch any of his installations first hand, so I can only imagine the intensity associated with such an immersive, anti-naturalistic, highly abstract and aestheticized experience.


x Syd


NYC in Pictures

For those of you who didn’t know – probably all, seeing as I update this blog about twice a year (sorry) – my parents recently left Atlanta and moved to New York City, thus making it my new “home”(?). I’ve been hanging out here for about two weeks, somewhat alone as most of my friends are back home for the holidays, and while it’s been pretty quiet it’s also been a good opportunity to further define my favourite spots.

photo 1

Dumbo ~street art~, gotta get acquainted with the new hood (recs are definitely Brooklyn Roasting for coffee, powerHouse books for a new read, baugettes at Almondines, dinner at AlMar)

photo 5

Contemporary exhibit on the top floor of MoMA – really awesome, must-see. Also the Matisse cutouts exhibit kicked ass but I’m super paranoid about gallery photography rules and didn’t sneak any pics 😦

photo 5

Richter detail – always an inspiration

photo 2

photo 3

Working on my art humour…

photo 4

Robert Gober – (I kind of want to use this as the wallpaper in a future powder room??)

photo 1

Robert Gober exhibit was holy shit amazing (not my pic sorry though oops…)

photo 3

Some cutlery at ABC off Union Square – I’m in love and so tempted to buy

photo 1

ABC detail – want to do this once I actually own stairs lol

photo 4

Tom Dixon home-wares – flawless. Ended up buying a gold Tom Dixon ruler for $20 just to buy into the beauty lol

photo 2

Some Christmas gifts – @aroma x Monocle diffuser // Dyptique candle in Ambre (my middle name and appropriately, favourite scent)

photo 3

Down under the Brooklyn Bridge – super touristy spot but one of my fave walking spots

photo 2 photo 4 photo 5

Dover Street Market – more like a museum than a clothing store, awesome spot to see what quality user experience feels like (although some of the staff comes off like pretentious VFILES graduates sorry not sorry). Also I touched a $23,000 Alaïa coat so I can now die knowing true luxury.

photo 1

Moscot flagship/HQ at 6th and 14th. Classic NYC brand and a good example of strong but non-intrusive branding.

Back to ATL tomorrow!

xo, Syd

When it rains, it pours…

While summer is usually beach season and sunshine, Atlanta has been nothing but torrential downpours for the past month. I’m kind of an ‘indoor creature’ anyways, but the almost daily floods have kept me pretty well confined to my bedroom. On the bright side, this has been a pretty good opportunity for me to gently update my personal space – which, as my friends know, I tend to do very frequently anyways.

Aside from moving pictures around and a few pieces of cheap Ikea furniture, my favourite way to easily freshen up a space is to fill the room with new accessories. By keeping furniture and walls understated, the entire mood of a space can be changed simply by switching up the decorative elements. Seeing as I like my bedroom to reflect certain elements of current interior trends, investing a lot into nonfunctional items is illogical. 

Lately, my solution for this has been Target. Not only are their home accessories extremely affordable, but they’re very well designed and a great value for money. My current favourite pieces have all come from the Nate Berkus collaboration, as most of the items keep up with the home decor trends that I’ve been loving. 

OpenZoomLayerDecorative Rhino Figural – $24.99

I bought this chrome Rhino figurine today and I’m absolutely obsessed. Oftentimes, chrome finishes can look cheap if not done correctly, but the figurine both looks and feels amazingly well done. 

OpenZoomLayer-2Dipped Bowl – $19.99

Gold dipped pottery has been a huge decor trend that I’ve been loving lately, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick up this bowl. The shape isn’t necessarily my style, but the combination of the price tag and the amazing quality was definitely enough to make the purchase worth it. 

During my stay in Paris last week – which I’ll address more fully in a later post – I stopped by the Acne store in la Marais, and I can’t seem to get the amazing pink marble stairs out of my head. Since then, I’ve been lusting after a way to bring more stone elements into my room, and once again, Target seems to be the way to go.

urlAcne Studios in la Marais

OpenZoomLayer-3Decorative Agate Figural/Single Bookend – $19.99

OpenZoomLayer-1Sandstone Puzzle Figural – $9.99

xo, Syd