Current Faves: April 20-26

1. Sheezus – Lily Allen

Not my fave in terms of production, but Lily Allen has always been a total badass and this song just confirms that.

2. Still Together – Mac DeMarco

I’ve heard the name floating around for a while and never really gave him much thought. Finally started listening on a whim and I’m so mad I ever doubted the magic that is Mac DeMarco. This song is incredibly simple, but I swear to god it does things to me every time I play it.

3. High You Are (Branchez Remix) – What So Not

I have no idea how I missed this song when it came out last year, but I guess better late than never. It’s not super original, but it’s a great upbeat track that’ll put you in a good mood for sure.

4. NRG (Hudson Mohawke) – Duck Sauce

Now for an upbeat, good-mood song that IS original! I actually really like the original radio edit too, but HudMo’s heavier beats add another unexpected but amazing level to the track.

5. Fancy ft. Charli XCX – Iggy Azalea

Damn I love Iggy so much. This song is incredibly simple but makes me feel boss every time I play it.

6. Shot Caller – Tchami

I’ve had this song for a while so it’s kind of phasing out of my rotation, but Tchami is a total badass and is killing the house scene right now. A+++, must listen.

7. Get Over You – DJ Q

This song is everything I want in a track right now. It’s house at its core but with some pretty clear jersey/future/whatever elements thrown in (sorry, genres are hard).

8. Party Dip – DJ Yolo Bear

I downloaded all of the LuckyMe advent calendar tracks a few months back, and this was the first song that really stood out to me. It’s a great intro into the world of jersey club (I think? Sorry, genres are really hard).

9. F1 Totoro – Lumumba

Found this randomly on iTunes so I have no idea who Lumumba is or what fucking genre this is, but if you’re looking for a well constructed electro track with a SICK F1 sample, definitely check it out.

10. Fallback – Peedi Crakk

Rap is my comfort blanket for sure. For me, this is just one of those old school tracks that feels instantly familiar when I hear it.

11. Huzzah! – Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire

Sorry – this is ratchet af. Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire is some small time rapper who made his way onto the Stereogum monthly playlists and into my life. I love him and this song.

12. Good Pussy in Chicago – Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire

This too. Not sorry.

x Syd