Artist Spotlight: SOPHIE

So it’s just been a little while since I’ve posted… lol

Between exams, graduation, a fabulous summer away, moving to Canada, starting school, and reapplying to schools in New York, it’s been a crazy few months full of unexpected discoveries, fun, and stress, stress, stress. For a while I felt a bit lost in everything that was happening, very detached from the things I used to love and extremely uninspired, but luckily now that things are starting to settle down and fall into place, I’ve been able to rediscover old passions and “waste” my time looking, listening, and learning like I used to.

One artist in particular I’ve rediscovered is the amazing, elusive, SOPHIE. I first heard his(?) experimental bubblegum beats last year when my good friend Lorenzo turned me onto BIPP. It’s one of those tracks that is complete mindfucking noise when you first hear it, only slightly more appealing than TV static. Each subsequent listen, however, uncovers a new layer, a new set of samples, another reason to listen again. More or less all of SOPHIE’s tracks (only five officially released so far – woe is me) have this quality. The sheer ingenuity and creativity of the individual samples make the springs and water drops of Jersey Club feel redundant, even on more widely appealing tracks like ‘Nothing More to Say’.

The Sophie/A.G. Cook collab ‘Hey QT’ is a must-hear, as is the Ray-Ban/Boiler Room set he played via stand in last month.

Find Sophie: Soundcloud Twitter 

xo Syd