Instant Language → MFW Highlights

Being the elitist asshole that I am, I’ve generally had a tendency to disregard all of the international fashion weeks as secondary to Paris Fashion Week. It’s pretty evident that the commercially overrun NYFW and neophytic (but still super interesting and innovative – not an insult) LFW don’t really stand a chance against the home of the classic couturier, but I never really had a characteristic to attach to Milan…

Shockingly, although it may solely be due to my lack of exposure/interest in past seasons, almost all of my favourite collections came from designers who showed at MFW.

Jil Sander

Such a stunning, wearable collection. The use of colour and beautifully conceptualized patterns definitely evoke a sense of ~fashion as art~, but the characteristically minimal silhouettes and insanely clean construction keep the looks incredibly refined. If I ever get commissioned to solve an art theft or jewel heist, this is the go-to look. My only criticism is that some of the looks show little innovation, but they’re still in such incredible taste, I can easily look past that.


Maybe a surprising pick, but I had to give a lil shoutout to Missoni for their solid combination of innovation and quintessence. I’ve given Missoni soooo much grief over the years for leaning on that goddamn chevron print, and while I still feel that a lot of this collection was in bad taste, a few of the looks really blew me away. The unique and experimental colour and pattern combinations still heavily reference the classic Missoni aesthetic, but in a way that doesn’t read too literal. The cuts still read a bit geriatric, but you can’t win em all…


The one, the only… Aesthetically, everything about this collection took my breath away. From the immense set designed by legendary architecture and design firm OMA, to the range of sunglasses, gloves, brooches, and bags included with each look, no detail was overlooked. Once again, the combination of colour is something I personally find super inspiring, and the circular, geometric print repeated on coats, skirts, and bags is so perfectly juxtaposed with the vintage silhouettes. Other than the beautiful coats and accessories, this isn’t a collection I’d really wear, but definitely epitomizes my idea of ~fashion as art~, and I’d love to have one of the bejewelled neoprene dresses framed and hung on my wall.

What a bittersweet end to fashion month! This is essentially the first time I’ve made the attempt to keep up to date on shows, and while it’s essentially been a hobby in itself, I’ll definitely miss not having a crazy-stocked instagram feed.


x Syd

The Art of the Advertisement

I’ve always had kind of a tricky relationship with advertising. My father’s in marketing, so I understand and appreciate the work that goes into branding and selling a product, but the idea of trying to trick some poor idiot into buying something they don’t need so somebody else can get rich? Not down.

That being said, I’m a huge proponent of imaging. If you believe whole-heartedly in a brand/product/concept, and can create an advertisement that best represents its aesthetic message, then hell yeah, share the shit out of it!! It comes down to intention: are you trying to make money by following culture, or are you going to define your own culture, and if you do it well enough, have people follow you?

Luckily, pretty much any brand you’re gonna wanna buy into has accomplished this already. Here are a few ads I’ve come across recently that do a really good job at blurring the line between art and commerce…

Love Like Denim

I recently caved and bought the January 2015 Vogue almost exclusively to see Kendall Jenner’s solo editorial. The spread left me super impressed at how eloquent of a model Kendall is becoming, but even more impressive were a pair of two toned, patchwork jeans featured ♥ . Ever since, my fascination with blue jeans has been completelyyy renewed, making my usual black, Topshop skinnies feel obsolete by comparison.


Even more excitingly, I feel like this current influx of denim is part of a greater 70s revival trend. Valentino’s definitely been playing with the look for a couple seasons now (check some Pre-Fall 15 pics below…), the Alexa Chung x AG collaboration plays in perfectly, and of course, Gucci’s SS15 bled a more bohemian, 70s cool.

86ee619ebd71ede0cef2b784908de1f5 Valentino_019_1366

While I can appreciate a great collection or editorial with the best of them, my style is still pretty comfort-centric, so my focus has really been on finding pieces that combine quality and fit with more unique cuts, then playing with different tones of blue in my outfits.

5b4a7abee3a218f05bcd99341848a685 SS15.indd 0441f46a97ec9b6dd0fcb41d8a0ba7bc bad64772ec19e76bb8b1ac33b054e728

Just wanna give a quick shoutout to my local Holt Renfrew for the triple markdowns – I managed to snag some $700+ Stella McCartney jeans for $140, and a Rag & Bone vest for around $50. Still don’t think I’m prepared to wear them together, but the jeans look so sick with a pale denim shirt and delicate jewellery, and the vest adds just the right amount of trucker-chic over a sweatshirt (it’s cooler than it sounds, I promise…).



Dressing like a dude is super fun… 10/10


x Syd

Bring on the Winter, Bitch.

It’s a fashion miracle! I’ve finally accepted the colour brown into my life… sort of. I’ve ended my life-long vendetta against the earthy hue (think it started after an unfortunate encounter with some chocolate brown gaucho pants way back in the day…) and have begun to welcome camel into my wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 3.12.46 PM

There’s something so incredibly chic about a camel coat, I just had to buy in. It’s more cream than camel, but I’m baby-stepping my way to Kanye status with this amazing fur-collared Zara coat. Next up, a more structured, longer, darker alternative, or an Acne shearling coat? I can dream.

Luckily, the piece also pairs incredibly well with my pre-approved ‘Fall/Winter’ colours of orchid, periwinkle, and navy. My go-to has been throwing on some light/medium wash distressed jeans, a purple lip, pale blue nails and navy booties. It feels winter-ready without being gloomy or monotonous. Also – don’t forget your tortoise shell aviators if you want to go full 1975-Parisian-male-pornstar, which I clearly do.

xo, Syd

Weathering the Storm

I recently moved to Vancouver, and although I thought I’d be fine with the numerous cold, grey, wet days, they do get old pretty quickly. I personally find nothing more uncomfortable than being overdressed and chilly on a gross day, so I’ve been surviving by combining cute with comfort, rather than sacrificing it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 10.06.11 PM

1. This VS Pink Sweatshirt – I wrote off Pink for years, but this is definitely the best recent purchase I’ve made. Stick to a neutral color and it’ll give laid back looks the perfect touch of collegiate cool.

2. Sportswear as daywear – Long practiced by mommies everywhere, this is probably the easiest way to stay completely comfortable and still look put together. A pair of thick, comfortable leggings, a cute running jacket and some casual sneakers (my favorite are the Jack Purcell Converse sneaks in white) are all you need.

3. 3.1 Phillip Lim Large Pashtili Tote – I recently caved and bought this beauty when I was feeling a bit down and found myself in Holt Renfrew. It’s a perfect side for work and travel, and the expandable sides means it holds a ton without being bulky.

4. A blanket scarf – I found my holy grail pale grey scarf for $20 at H&M. It’s incredibly soft and doubles as a shawl or wrap.

5. Topshop Jeans – My favorite are the Leigh jeans (L32 in Summer, L34 in Winter). They’re reasonably priced, high quality, comfortable, and come in an entire spectrum of colors and styles.

6. Mauve/Rose/Brown lip – I’ve caught onto the Kylie Jenner makeup crazy fast and hard. I’m still searching for the perfect shade if anyone has recs!

Summer Lovin’

As much as I love Summer fashion, I’m also a lazy asshole, and I often don’t see the point in wearing anything besides a tank top and cutoffs if all I’m doing is lounging at home or at the pool. That being said, the few times that I do make an effort, my Summer style is far more bohemian and relaxed than usual. My colour palette switches from black, grey, white and burgundy to bold shades of cobalt, coral, neon yellows and hot pinks, and my usually structured pieces are replaced by flowing dresses and blouses that look beautiful draped over a tan collarbone.

Unfortunately, I won’t be spending any time at a beach this Summer, but I will be spending a week in Paris with Molly, which will be the perfect opportunity to channel my inner Isabel Marant (by the way – Forever 21 has a ton of Marant-esque pieces at the moment, so definitely check that out).

A favourite of mine so far this Summer has definitely been this gorgeous paisley dress from H&M. I love a good drop waist, and the light satin fabric makes it excellent for throwing on at the pool or for wearing out for a nice dinner.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 8.03.04 PM


MINKPINK is also a great place to find great, boho dresses. I love this one

in particular – not only is the colour palette gorgeous, but the cutout detail makes it extra special.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 8.09.08 PMAnd finally, the crème de la crème, Isabel Marant. If only I had a thousand dollars to spend, this skirt and top look would be mine.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 8.13.25 PMHave a great Summer everyone!

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 7.57.25 PMxo, Syd


Summer Style

All I can say is thank god it’s summer. Unfortunately, we’ve got another 2 weeks of exams, but all in all, my mood has been significantly uplifted. I find it particularly peculiar how every summer, in addition to my attitude being far more laid back, my style changes almost entirely. While I’m a pretty tired and true fan of all black, clean lines, and aspects of geometry in my outfits, I’ve been really gravitating towards more bohemian, laid back pieces, and an overall sunkissed disposition.

1. The Perfect Maxi

One thing that I’ve really been on the hunt for recently is the perfect maxi dress. I’m really weird about ‘trendy’ pieces, and since the entire concept of ‘maxi’ has been a summer trend for the past couple of years, I’m super particular about finding the perfect dress that transcends time. A couple tips for this would be to either go for something super simple and classic, or go the more bohemian route.



J. Crew Minuit Silk Crepe de Chine Maxi Dress



Isabel Marant Abella Dress

2. All Over Florals

It may seem a little daunting, but I adore the idea of all over florals. Coordinating tops and bottoms are a great way to stay cute and playful during the summertime while still looking and feeling very put together, but clashing works too if you’re going for a more modern, urban look.


Elena Perminova

White-Long-Sleeve-Flowers-Print-Bomber-Jacket-p-114571-cat-1776White Long Sleeve Flower Print Bomber Jacket



White Elastic Waist Floral Shorts

3. Fun Sunglasses

Chances are you’re going to be wearing them 90% of the time, so why not invest in a cute, fun pair? I adore this new trend of square, cat eye sunglasses, and can’t wait to get some myself (I definitely have my eye on the first pair of Karen Walker sunnies).

number-one-peachKaren Walker Number One – Peach


Acne Frame Double Clear

xo, Syd