I Close My Eyes and Just See Pretty Colors

If you couldn’t already tell, I am a huuuuuugee fan of colour. When it comes to fashion or interiors, I try maintain a fair bit of restraint, but my attitude towards colour in art is definitely no-holds-barred. While I still love a good charcoal sketch or some monochrome-minimalism, I’m gonna take this opportunity to shoutout a few contemporary artists I feel have been using colour really well.

Canyon Castator


I first saw Canyon in this Bullett Magazine article a couple years back, and I instantly fell in love – I’m a huge sucker for visual artists who work with tattooing as a medium. He’s technically super talented, as judged by some of his earlier realistic pieces, but lately he’s been ripping out these crazy-bright, expressionistic mega-works – each one a total release of energy. His digital painting is great too, not to mention he’s a total babe (I told you I was in love…).

Andy Dixon


Another artist on the come-up for colourful figurativism is Vancouver-based Andy Dixon. Andy’s pieces have such a beautiful retrospective sensibility about them, and his total embrace of beauty and aesthetic pleasure is refreshing, given the general movement towards conceptuality in art. I actually had the opportunity to stop by his studio the other week, and can now confirm that his work is even more stunning in person. His newer pieces are also beautiful as ever.

Mogu Takahashi

613 2

I first found Mogu Takahashi through his Instagram account, where he posts his infamous ‘daily doodles’. While I love the images themselves, I think I’m even more taken aback by their casual presentation – there’s something so incredibly inspiring about seeing his innocent paintings presented in a chronological and consolidated way. Despite being perhaps the world’s biggest proponent of the art of curation, it’s incredibly beautiful to see an unfiltered collection of someone’s daily thoughts and inspirations. I’m mostly just jealous of his capacity for creativity, though…

Devin Allen

devin allen 3

I’ll admit, this one is totally biased (Allen was my much-beloved art teacher in High School…), but this particular piece is honestly too beautiful not to mention. An apparent collaboration between the artist and a friend’s toddler, the subtle elements of abstraction add such a refreshing touch to the more traditionally-rooted Chinese painting style.


x Syd