Weathering the Storm

I recently moved to Vancouver, and although I thought I’d be fine with the numerous cold, grey, wet days, they do get old pretty quickly. I personally find nothing more uncomfortable than being overdressed and chilly on a gross day, so I’ve been surviving by combining cute with comfort, rather than sacrificing it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 10.06.11 PM

1. This VS Pink Sweatshirt – I wrote off Pink for years, but this is definitely the best recent purchase I’ve made. Stick to a neutral color and it’ll give laid back looks the perfect touch of collegiate cool.

2. Sportswear as daywear – Long practiced by mommies everywhere, this is probably the easiest way to stay completely comfortable and still look put together. A pair of thick, comfortable leggings, a cute running jacket and some casual sneakers (my favorite are the Jack Purcell Converse sneaks in white) are all you need.

3. 3.1 Phillip Lim Large Pashtili Tote – I recently caved and bought this beauty when I was feeling a bit down and found myself in Holt Renfrew. It’s a perfect side for work and travel, and the expandable sides means it holds a ton without being bulky.

4. A blanket scarf – I found my holy grail pale grey scarf for $20 at H&M. It’s incredibly soft and doubles as a shawl or wrap.

5. Topshop Jeans – My favorite are the Leigh jeans (L32 in Summer, L34 in Winter). They’re reasonably priced, high quality, comfortable, and come in an entire spectrum of colors and styles.

6. Mauve/Rose/Brown lip – I’ve caught onto the Kylie Jenner makeup crazy fast and hard. I’m still searching for the perfect shade if anyone has recs!


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