Summer Style

All I can say is thank god it’s summer. Unfortunately, we’ve got another 2 weeks of exams, but all in all, my mood has been significantly uplifted. I find it particularly peculiar how every summer, in addition to my attitude being far more laid back, my style changes almost entirely. While I’m a pretty tired and true fan of all black, clean lines, and aspects of geometry in my outfits, I’ve been really gravitating towards more bohemian, laid back pieces, and an overall sunkissed disposition.

1. The Perfect Maxi

One thing that I’ve really been on the hunt for recently is the perfect maxi dress. I’m really weird about ‘trendy’ pieces, and since the entire concept of ‘maxi’ has been a summer trend for the past couple of years, I’m super particular about finding the perfect dress that transcends time. A couple tips for this would be to either go for something super simple and classic, or go the more bohemian route.



J. Crew Minuit Silk Crepe de Chine Maxi Dress



Isabel Marant Abella Dress

2. All Over Florals

It may seem a little daunting, but I adore the idea of all over florals. Coordinating tops and bottoms are a great way to stay cute and playful during the summertime while still looking and feeling very put together, but clashing works too if you’re going for a more modern, urban look.


Elena Perminova

White-Long-Sleeve-Flowers-Print-Bomber-Jacket-p-114571-cat-1776White Long Sleeve Flower Print Bomber Jacket



White Elastic Waist Floral Shorts

3. Fun Sunglasses

Chances are you’re going to be wearing them 90% of the time, so why not invest in a cute, fun pair? I adore this new trend of square, cat eye sunglasses, and can’t wait to get some myself (I definitely have my eye on the first pair of Karen Walker sunnies).

number-one-peachKaren Walker Number One – Peach


Acne Frame Double Clear

xo, Syd




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