Yves Klein Blue

For someone who claims to be art obsessed, I don’t spend nearly enough time as I should researching artists and determining what I look for in a piece of art. Recently though, I think I’ve determined who my current favourite artist is, and why I find him so intriguing.

urlI saw this piece on Pinterest a while back, and despite not knowing who the artist was, whether they were famous or not, I instantly fell in love. I adored the juxtaposition of new and old, classic and modern, and I loved the fact that it tied in to the current fashion trend of this vibrant royal blue. I stumbled upon Yves Klein as an artist while I was researching mixed media artists for art class, and as soon as the Google Image search turned up an entire page of blue, I was sold.

url-3Molly and I were actually fortunate enough to see this piece in person, as it was featured at the last special exhibit at the High Museum. Most of the passer-bys seemed to pass it off as childish or too simple, but we were instantly captivated by the simultaneous vibrancy and simplicity of it. While the immediate response of some may be “My child could paint that” the reality is that their child didn’t paint it – they didn’t intend to paint that way for a specific reason. Klein didn’t cover a canvas in blue paint in order to say ‘this colour is pretty, you should look at it’, but perhaps to say ‘this colour says so much by itself, it doesn’t require shapes to express an emotion’.

Looking at it in person, I simply got lost. I felt encompassed by this perfectly selected shade of blue. To me, it represents a sort of loss of direction and isolation. I imagine myself in the painting; with no markings to determine up from down, left from right, does direction really exist at all? I picture myself surrounded in an entire world of this blue – an open empty mass. If it were white, perhaps it’d feel sterile, but the blue is far dreamier. The blue encompasses you and swallows you whole.

Perhaps my interpretation is far off from what the artist intended, but that’s the beauty. I feel like art is less about the works of the artist, and more about the relationship between artist, art piece, and viewer.

xo, Syd


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