To The Street

In 2010, a crew of anonymous people used the Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin as their canvas, dumbing 500 liters of water-based environmentally friendly paint straight onto the asphalt. Nearly 2000 cars passed by on this road, allowing the paint to spread and create a work of art. I thought the concept was super neat, taking something as simple as dumping paint on asphalt and using the passer-by’s as their paintbrushes. Heres the link to the video of it happening.

A movement that rose in modern culture in the mid 80’s, street art has gone to extraordinary levels. Street artists have changed the way we view art, something that previously could only be seen in galleries, homes, and stores, is now accessible to any passerby. I find it incredible what these artists can do with a side of the building. Many incorporate their surroundings, juxtaposing their creations specifically on infrastructure that enhances the image as a whole. Many times the art is intended to set a spark in its viewers, call out a message or complaint. Whether the objective is something of political nature or simply for the beauty of creation,  I am constantly in awe of the results of artists installing their work into complete exposure. Here are some of my favorites at the moment:









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