3 Beauty Looks

Most people who know me are aware of my intense makeup and beauty fascination. Molly calls it vanity, and although I know it’s true, I like to think of it more so as an addiction to aesthetic cohesion and the need to implement design into literally every element of my life. This being said, I’ve always thought of makeup as a fun hobby, and as cheesy as it sounds, playing around with beauty products has been the greatest distraction through some of the more difficult times in my life.

Makeup is one of my favourite accessories, and I love playing around with different looks to make any outfit more fun. Here are some of my favourite looks and current beauty trends.

13 9810837288Bold Lips, Bare Eyes

I’m usually more of an eyeliner girl, but seeing pictures like these make me want to ditch the cat eye and go for a bold pop of lip color instead. I love the contrast of the stark eye with the bright lip, as it almost reminds me of a young girl trying on her mothers lipstick for the first time. The look is incredibly modern, but also reminiscent of vintage makeup looks, when the classic red lip was the main focal point.

27123891660 bold cat eye

Coloured Eyeliner

This is one trend that I myself haven’t mustered up the courage to try out. Designers have been doing it on the runway for a few years now, and each time I think about how incredible the thin sweep of bright colour looks just above the lashline. I think the easiest colour to begin the trend with would be cobalt – it’s similar enough to navy, and blue is a colour commonly worn on the eyes – but more neon shades like bright yellow and orange also look incredible if you’re brave enough to try them out.

1bbdb9e8aefbe1f6e0678a6dc222bbe1 dashboard

Bronzed Eyes

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been a black cat-eyeliner girl for quite some time now, and it really took a lot for me to focus in on a bronzey eyeshadow instead. However, the end result is gorgeous, and I now reserve the look for nights out or sexier occasions (which, who am I kidding, I have none of). This gilded, brown eye is completely universal and wearable for every woman, but the look never ceases to be exciting, sexy and sultry. I personally prefer the look paired with contoured cheeks and a nude or pink lip, but any deep red or berry colour (as in the second image) works beautifully as well for the colder months or more dramatic occasions.

xo, Syd


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