Dramatic Whimsy

After Molly posted about her dream collection (Heidi Merrick Spring 2013), it really got me thinking about what S/S 2013 collections I’ve been enjoying. As my personal style is rather undefined and constantly changing, I decided to look more so at the artisanship and aesthetic beauty of higher end designers, rather than considering wearability and trendiness. After trolling through some of my bookmarked pages, I noticed that all of my favourite designs were more or less consistently pretty, whimsical, and light – very fitting with the attraction to pastels I feel every consecutive Spring season. This being said, the 4 collections I’ve chosen are all fundamentally different, and unique in their own right.

1. Oscar Carvallo Couture

url-8 url-7 url-5 url-6 CDkJG_pjDXGFor me, this was definitely the ‘Sleeping Beauty Warrior’ collection. Every piece was extremely soft and gentle at first glance, but there was a consistent element of strength in each look. The collection featured a great number of metallics, corsets, and intricate laser cut detail, while still maintaining a princess quality that most any girl would swoon over. My favourite piece was this pink chiffon dress, which at first glance could pass for a victorian nightgown. The rear, however, features this incredible spine detail running down the length of the open back. The juxtaposition of the soft and hard is nothing short of beautiful, and gives the wearer such a fragile, yet daring quality.

2. Chanel Couture

url-10 tumblr_mh44d71qj41ry5y49o1_500 url-11In my opinion, this collection was far less about the clothing itself, and more about the entire experience and production. The runway was constructed to look like the pathway to a secret garden, and the models made up to look like dead porcelain dolls; incredibly soft and delicate with an unwavering sense of darkness. The concept as a whole is incredible, and slightly excuses what I thought was a disappointing line of dresses. The aesthetic was very Chanel, but I felt that the garments themselves were lacking the innovation of the RTW collection.

3. Christopher Kane

url-9 Christopher Kane Spring Summer 2013 leather jacketChristopher Kane EASILY had the best SS13 collection, in my opinion. I may be biased, as the colour palette and cut of his clothing closely fits my personal aesthetic, but the collection felt simultaneously classic and innovative. The pieces definitely looked 1960’s inspired, without looking literal or costumey. The exquisite cut and fit of the pieces were extremely flattering to the models without being overly sexy, and the combination of girlish colours and womanly shapes really allows for wearability regardless of age. The collection stays young and fresh, but still appropriate and classy. Kane nailed it, and I only hope I like his F/W collection as much.

4. Hugo by Hugo Boss

Hugo by Hugo Boss SS 2013 SS13 BERLIN FASHION WEEK url-12Taking it in an entirely different direction, the Hugo by Hugo Boss collection was extremely modern and trendy while still maintaing the classic wearability and minimalism that Hugo Boss is known for. Holographic patterns and textiles are a huge trend at the moment, but Hugo Boss managed to give the passing fad a sense of security and simplicity. The pieces are all extremely light and fun, but could still be worn by a number of women. My personal favourite is the tunic with the holographic belt and strap, but I could easily see anyone from Miley Cyrus to Tilda Swinton wearing these dresses on the Red Carpet.

xo, Syd






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