Inspired by Sportswear

I’m clearly not one for athletics, but after attending my second school sporting event of the season, my infatuation with athletic inspired pieces have been renewed. I hate feeling overly prim and put together, so adding a more casual, classic sportswear inspired piece makes any look more wearable, comfortable, and accessible. Also – these could be great options for looking theme appropriate but not too literal at any Superbowl party!

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 10.15.59 AM


Stripes are the utmost in classic, but I love how an unconventional cut can make them feel fresh and trendy. This cool top from Asos has an interesting cut, and the hot pink contrast neckline adds a very modern feel.

Perhaps an entirely stripy outfit is a tad overbearing, but both the striped blouse and trousers from Zara would look fantastic paired with comfortable jersey pieces.

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 10.15.49 AM


I’ve recently been searching aimlessly for the perfect bomber jacket – one that is relaxed and comfortable while still remaining classic. I adore both of these options from Asos, and I could easily imagine them paired with a slouchy t-shirt, statement jewellery, some skinny jeans and a great pair of sneakers (Cream Bomber, Camel & Black Bomber).

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 10.16.12 AM


Molly is the absolute queen of making sweatpants look sophisticated. Although I’ve only got 1 pair nice enough for public wear, I’ve still taken inspiration from her and love them to death. I’ve been ogling this subtle skull patterned pair from Topshop, but I also love the faux leather tuxedo detail on this pair from Asos.

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 10.15.32 AM


Perhaps one of the greatest necessities when trying to emulate an athletic style is a fantastic pullover. Both of these pieces give off such an effortless vibe, and could be styled for almost any occasion. Dress up this Zara sweater with some boyfriend jeans, a chunky gold chain and a great pair of loafers.

I’m absolutely in love with this sweater dress from Asos, and I think it’d look great with a cluster of bracelets, maybe a cool beanie in an oxblood colour, and once again, some sick sneakers.

xo, Syd


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