Current Faves: Jan. 6-12

1. Chum – Earl Sweatshirt

2. Staring at the Sun – TV on the Radio

3. The Whistlerz (Diplo Remix) – Claude VonStroke

4. Trembling Hands – Temper Trap

5. From Nowhere – Dan Croll

6. If You Love Me – BenZel & Jessie Ware

7. Life Like – The Rosebuds

8. Fog – Nosaj Thing

9. Heroes – David Bowie

10. Black Dog – Jennifer Left

11. Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake

This week’s a bit all over the place, but what can I say, that’s just how my brain works. Also, some interesting music notes this week:

1. How excited am I that Justin Timberlake is making new music?!?!? The announcement has brought me back into a full fledged Justin Timberlake obsession, and I could not be happier.

2. Molly and I got tickets to Major Lazer!!!!!!! Anyone who knows me in real life can testify that I am one of the biggest Diplo fans out there – my car air freshener is a Diplo dinosaur – and it feels like I’ve been waiting for forever to see him in concert. The show is March 8, and even though that means I’ll have to come back from Spring break a day early, I could not be more excited.

Hope y’all had a great week!

xo, Syd



Trend Spotlight: Sneakers

Ever since I saw them in New York back in September, I’ve been lusting over the A.P.C. x Nike Off White High Dunks. For whatever reason, I decided not to buy them then, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since (pun intended?). They have since sold out, but my love affair with these simple, street wise shoes definitely has not ended. I love the juxtaposition of menswear and feminine styles, and so there’s really nothing better than accessorizing a hoodie with lots of jewellery, or adding some edge to a dress with a sick pair of sneakers.



A.P.C. x Nike High Dunk in Off White

Since I missed out on this specific pair, the closest thing I’ve found is a pair of custom Nike iD’d High Dunks. They lack the combination texture of the A.P.C. pair, but the fact that I could choose my own bright blue sole definitely intrigued me enough to buy them. They haven’t arrived yet, but here’s a screen cap from the Nike iD website:

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 2.04.24 PM Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 2.04.05 PM

This definitely fits in to the current ‘sneaker wedge’ trend, which I’ve also fully bought into. Such a trendy style can easily go wrong, so I recommend keeping it simple with a solid coloured leather or suede pair, without too many bells and whistles. I own (and adore) this minimalistic pair from Ash.



Ash Cooler High-Top Wedge-Sneaker

I feel like these could easily go VERY wrong, depending on how you style them. I say keep it simple, casual, and let the shoes be the focus of the outfit.



xo, Syd

My Favourite Publications

For a long time, I succumbed to magazine subscriptions for publications like Teen Vogue and Seventeen, mainly because I believed that since they were catered towards my age group, they’d apply to my lifestyle. Unfortunately, this was the opposite of the case, and for the past 4 or so years, I’ve been stockpiling unopened, unread teenage magazines.

Recently, I’ve fine tuned my subscribed reading material, and I think I’ve got a great collection of publications that are both interesting and informative about things that I love. As I tend to like keeping things simple and uncluttered, I’ve got 2 subscriptions, and a seasonal paper that I’ve decided to buy whenever available, although there are plenty of other amazing magazines out there (one of Molly’s favourites is French publication, Jalouse).


1. Aesthetica: Aesthetica is a self described art & culture magazine, specializing in promoting up and coming international art exhibits, show casing new and talented artists, and celebrating culture as a whole. What I love about Aesthetica is the connections it makes between fashion and art – there is always at least one editorial within each issue. It also has developed sections for film, literature, and music, and consistently makes connections to society and general culture.

2. Acne Paper: Acne Paper is a biannual release courtesy of Acne Studios (one of my all time favourite clothing brands). The publication is a combination of large scale photo spread, specifically curated art collections, and articles, usually centered around a common theme. The theme for the Winter 2012 issue was, applicably, New York, and the issue includes sections such as prominent figures in the New York art and culture scene, artfully photographed editorials showcasing the city, unique apartments representing each quartile of Manhattan, and much, much more. Acne Paper does an excellent job at combining new, specifically designed pieces, shoots and articles, with specifically selected pieces that have already been created. I especially love the shoot featuring (my favourite) model Karlie Kloss.

3. NYLON: NYLON is already a fairly prominent name in the magazine industry, but it still never fails to interest me. The subject matter is slightly more ‘mainstream’ than Aesthetica and Acne Paper (which both have a greater focus on art), and includes beauty recommendations, music reviews, and up and coming clothing trends – much in the way that Seventeen magazine would. The difference is that Nylon certainly caters to the contentious fashionista – the girl who knows how who Philip Lim, the girl who is willing to wear sequins any day of the year, and the girl who is willing to be a ‘man repeller’ for fashion’s sake. The magazine recognizes and promotes individuality, without all the crap about ‘how to flirt’ or ’10 tips to not get raped’.

I hope this was somewhat interesting/informative!

xo, Syd

Colour Obsessions

I’m not the type of person to wear a lot of colour (black, white, and grey constitute the majority of my wardrobe), but each season I tend to have pretty deep infatuations with specific colour families. For the past 6 months or so, my favourites have been mint, peach, and oxblood, and I try to implement pops of each into my wardrobe.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 10.59.37 AM

Peter Pilotto Natalie printed silk-blend mini dress

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

Mint Envelope Clutch

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.00.18 AM

Acne Square Plastic Sunglasses

Chloe Flocked wool and cashmere blend sweater

Timex T80 Pink Resin Strap Watch

Herschel Supply Sydney Salmon Backpack

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 10.59.28 AM

Scrolled Trim Shorts in Oxblood

Alexander McQueen Gold Ruby Stone Skull Cocktail Ring

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Bordeaux Lust

ASOS Apollo Ankle Boot

xo, Syd

Art Inspiration: Painting On Photographs

The art class at our school is quite hands on, so Molly and I are constantly thinking about what we can express, what the best way to express ourselves is, and how we can create what’s in our heads. This year, I’ve had a rather large infatuation with portraiture, but after a slight nudge from the art teachers to try something new, I’m bringing my exploration of portraiture to a close with this final photography piece.

The concept is all about beauty and aesthetics – how can I combine observational beauty with abstract emotion to create a fuller picture? Beginning with clean, very simplistic black & white portraits (in this case, of my lovely friend Annie), I want to paint very abstractly over top to create a richer portrait. I see this done constantly on Tumblr, but my main inspiration was definitely the recent photo shoot Elle Fanning did for BULLETT Magazine. Pierre Debusschere photographed, and as usual, he did an incredible job.




I’m only about halfway done with my project so far – still have to get the photos printed and paint over them – but so far, I’m very excited! I think the photographs turned out incredibly well, and I’m ecstatic to see the finished product.



xo, Syd

[Photo Credit: Pierre Debusschere for BULLETT]