5 Films to Watch

I constantly get asked by friends for movie recommendations, and I’m not sure whether it’s the pressure or the time constriction, I can never seem to come up with anything new/worthwhile on the spot. Seeing as I have the world’s worst Netflix addiction, I’m constantly scouring movies new and old, and by now I actually feel as though I’ve got a pretty good handle on what’s worth watching. So, here are 5 movies you may not have seen, that I definitely recommend you watch.


1. Tiny Furniture

If you are unaware of the hype surrounding Lena Dunham, you clearly have not opened a magazine/turned on a television for most of 2012. The ballsy writer/director/producer/actress is the genius behind the HBO hit, Girls, but before all the attention she wrote, directed and starred in this thoughtful indie comedy. Much like Girls, it explores the life of a post-graduate, revolving around the confusion and lack of direction felt by most. If you like Girls, you’ll definitely love Tiny Furniture, and I highly recommend you check it out.



2. Sleeping Beauty

For a much darker, more haunting drama, I definitely suggest Sleeping Beauty, starring Emily Browning of Sucker Punch. The films centers around a university student, trying to make ends meet by involving herself in a mysterious erotic service. The film is elegantly haunting, and offers somewhat of a perspective into the lives and decisions made by women working in the sex industry. The cinematography is also beautiful, and as a lover of good design, that’s definitely something I can appreciate.



3. Drive

If you haven’t seen Drive yet, YOU NEED TO DO SO! The film perfectly combines action and emotion, and Ryan Gosling is incredible (and beautiful) as always. This movie keeps you constantly at the edge of your seat, partially for the sick driving, and partially for the development of the relationship between Gosling’s character, and female lead Carey Mulligan’s character. Once again, the cinematography is amazing, and the car stunt scenes have all been done incredibly well.



4. Exit Through The Gift Shop

Last year, I had the most intense fascination and appreciation for the world of street art, so this film instantly became a favourite of mine. The documentary follows prominent street artists – primarily Thierry Guetta – on their rise to prominence, intentions, aesthetics, and tactics. Of all the street art and graffiti documentaries I’ve seen (and I’ve seen many), Exit is the most well done and thoughtfully produced. The film uses first-hand footage and experience rather than over-produced research, which gives it a raw quality and a unique edge. Seeing as it was produced by Banksy, the movie has an extreme artistic quality, and is a must-see for anyone interested in the art world.



5. Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions was the first R rated movie I’d ever seen, and thus it holds a particularly warm place in my heart. Imagine Gossip Girl circa 1999 – full of sexual exploits and deceptions within the High School setting. There’s something so inexplicably dark and sexy about this movie, I can’t help but be obsessed with it. The cast is incredible, as it stars young Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Selma Blair (who all do an amazing job). If you’re into a dramatic teen movie without all the bullshit and fluff of today, I highly recommend Cruel Intentions.

So, this concludes my Top 5 Movies to Watch! Honourable mentions include Trainspotting, Heathers and Like Crazy – all of which can be found on Netflix.

xo, Syd


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