Trend Spotlight: Sneakers

Ever since I saw them in New York back in September, I’ve been lusting over the A.P.C. x Nike Off White High Dunks. For whatever reason, I decided not to buy them then, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since (pun intended?). They have since sold out, but my love affair with these simple, street wise shoes definitely has not ended. I love the juxtaposition of menswear and feminine styles, and so there’s really nothing better than accessorizing a hoodie with lots of jewellery, or adding some edge to a dress with a sick pair of sneakers.



A.P.C. x Nike High Dunk in Off White

Since I missed out on this specific pair, the closest thing I’ve found is a pair of custom Nike iD’d High Dunks. They lack the combination texture of the A.P.C. pair, but the fact that I could choose my own bright blue sole definitely intrigued me enough to buy them. They haven’t arrived yet, but here’s a screen cap from the Nike iD website:

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 2.04.24 PM Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 2.04.05 PM

This definitely fits in to the current ‘sneaker wedge’ trend, which I’ve also fully bought into. Such a trendy style can easily go wrong, so I recommend keeping it simple with a solid coloured leather or suede pair, without too many bells and whistles. I own (and adore) this minimalistic pair from Ash.



Ash Cooler High-Top Wedge-Sneaker

I feel like these could easily go VERY wrong, depending on how you style them. I say keep it simple, casual, and let the shoes be the focus of the outfit.



xo, Syd


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