My Favourite Publications

For a long time, I succumbed to magazine subscriptions for publications like Teen Vogue and Seventeen, mainly because I believed that since they were catered towards my age group, they’d apply to my lifestyle. Unfortunately, this was the opposite of the case, and for the past 4 or so years, I’ve been stockpiling unopened, unread teenage magazines.

Recently, I’ve fine tuned my subscribed reading material, and I think I’ve got a great collection of publications that are both interesting and informative about things that I love. As I tend to like keeping things simple and uncluttered, I’ve got 2 subscriptions, and a seasonal paper that I’ve decided to buy whenever available, although there are plenty of other amazing magazines out there (one of Molly’s favourites is French publication, Jalouse).


1. Aesthetica: Aesthetica is a self described art & culture magazine, specializing in promoting up and coming international art exhibits, show casing new and talented artists, and celebrating culture as a whole. What I love about Aesthetica is the connections it makes between fashion and art – there is always at least one editorial within each issue. It also has developed sections for film, literature, and music, and consistently makes connections to society and general culture.

2. Acne Paper: Acne Paper is a biannual release courtesy of Acne Studios (one of my all time favourite clothing brands). The publication is a combination of large scale photo spread, specifically curated art collections, and articles, usually centered around a common theme. The theme for the Winter 2012 issue was, applicably, New York, and the issue includes sections such as prominent figures in the New York art and culture scene, artfully photographed editorials showcasing the city, unique apartments representing each quartile of Manhattan, and much, much more. Acne Paper does an excellent job at combining new, specifically designed pieces, shoots and articles, with specifically selected pieces that have already been created. I especially love the shoot featuring (my favourite) model Karlie Kloss.

3. NYLON: NYLON is already a fairly prominent name in the magazine industry, but it still never fails to interest me. The subject matter is slightly more ‘mainstream’ than Aesthetica and Acne Paper (which both have a greater focus on art), and includes beauty recommendations, music reviews, and up and coming clothing trends – much in the way that Seventeen magazine would. The difference is that Nylon certainly caters to the contentious fashionista – the girl who knows how who Philip Lim, the girl who is willing to wear sequins any day of the year, and the girl who is willing to be a ‘man repeller’ for fashion’s sake. The magazine recognizes and promotes individuality, without all the crap about ‘how to flirt’ or ’10 tips to not get raped’.

I hope this was somewhat interesting/informative!

xo, Syd


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