Art Inspiration: Painting On Photographs

The art class at our school is quite hands on, so Molly and I are constantly thinking about what we can express, what the best way to express ourselves is, and how we can create what’s in our heads. This year, I’ve had a rather large infatuation with portraiture, but after a slight nudge from the art teachers to try something new, I’m bringing my exploration of portraiture to a close with this final photography piece.

The concept is all about beauty and aesthetics – how can I combine observational beauty with abstract emotion to create a fuller picture? Beginning with clean, very simplistic black & white portraits (in this case, of my lovely friend Annie), I want to paint very abstractly over top to create a richer portrait. I see this done constantly on Tumblr, but my main inspiration was definitely the recent photo shoot Elle Fanning did for BULLETT Magazine. Pierre Debusschere photographed, and as usual, he did an incredible job.




I’m only about halfway done with my project so far – still have to get the photos printed and paint over them – but so far, I’m very excited! I think the photographs turned out incredibly well, and I’m ecstatic to see the finished product.



xo, Syd

[Photo Credit: Pierre Debusschere for BULLETT]


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